"Hello, everyone! I want to share my life experience with you. So my name is Dasha, I am 16 years old and I study in the Lyceum '' International Dimension''. As I stay here in the frames of the option "full boarding" I will try to describe you how it's to be a student here and how my life has changed for one year. 
So I started the school from the ninth grade. The first day when I came to school I felt nervous and worried that I am not going to have Friends. I worried that I will feel lonely like I was in America. In America it was so hard for me to find a friend and I don't know why. But, the first week was so interesting, I got to a chance to know the girls and teachers better. The girls were so nice and kind to me and I found some good friends. But I want to tell you that it was not so easy to find them! I didn't have lots of friends from my class, I only had one friend, and, unfortunately, she went away from this school. The first 3 month were so hard for me to get in the process of studying and I really missed my mom. I felt sometimes depressed, because it was different atmosphere and everything was new to me. I want to tell you that it's hard when you don't have your mom around. Yeah, sometimes I got in trouble and I didn't pay attention to the teachers and I got crazy sometimes. By in the end of the school year I got friends with who I can share secrets and my feeling. Yeah, I did have some moments when I felt down and giving up calling my mom to take me away from here but I WAS WRONG! 
I want to say BIG THANK YOU for Elena Nikolayevna that she supported me and didn't give me a chance to give up! Every kid dreams about the teacher who can help, support, listen to you and who believes in you and gives you another chance to make it better! And I want to say THANK YOU for my teacher of Geography class Larisa Volodimirivna that she helped me and pushed me to make everything better! 
So by May I got really close with girls and teachers! The summer time was really good at school, we had lessons and all the time we discovered something new, especially, in the camp LITTLE AMERICA, where I really had much fun and we learned English and got to talk to American people. It was really cool because you are getting a chance to know more about America and how it is in there, stuff like that. 
 So, now it's a new life, now I'm in the 10 th grade studying in the Lyceum "International Dimension". My classroom teacher and director is Elena Nikolayevna and it's GREAT!!! 
This year is absolutely different and good! 1) we have an amazing class room 2) we receive good education and teachers are helping us 3) we have nice students in the class, we are all friendly and ready to help each other; 4) and every single day we get lots of knowledge and it's really good! 
This year will be great! I am really happy to be in this school and this school is my second home! This year I got lots of friends and I really like my teachers and the atmosphere. I am happy with my class. The weekends are good, too. I like that we are like one family in this school who can help you and support you in any time. I want to say thank you for all of my friends who are still with me, I LOVE YOU, GUYS! And I want to say a big thank you to Elena Nikolayevna who supports our class and teaches us everything and big thanks for all of the teachers that they are coming to teach us every day and make us smart and wish us the best! We appreciate your help and support! I know that this year will be the best!"